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3 Home Remedies for Dog Rashes

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When you feel something in your body that you wish to be treated right away, the best thing to do is find the treatments that are easily found inside your kitchen. Did you know that what your pets feel can also be remedied using the same treatment you got from your kitchen? Simple remedies you can make in your kitchen can be used to treat dog rash. Below are some of the best suggestions you can use.

Liquids with electrolyte

Liquids that contain electrolytes like pediatric drinks or sports beverages are not only recommended for athletes to replenish the lost fluids; they can also supply the sickly body of your pet dog with all the needed fluids they after vomiting or having diarrhea.

Vitamin E

If you have ever thought how you can treat the dry skin on your dogs, Vitamin E is a good solution for that, especially with dog rash. It is good for preventing those lines due to ageing on the face for humans; they are also effective that way for dog rash. You can also provide your little pup with Vitamin E oil and massage it onto their skin. You can also use a soaking bath wherein you add vitamin E oil to water. If you are to let your dog take the vitamin orally, make sure you ask your vet for the recommended dosage.

Acidophilus and Yogurt

Just plain yogurt and give your dog a good treat from dog rash. The live acidophilus found in yogurt keeps the good bacteria inside the intestine of the dog well balanced. This is for the purpose of knocking out the bad bacteria living inside it. If your pet dog is on an antibiotic, just give him a little yogurt as it will keep the yeast infections away. You can also try out the acidophilus pills.

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