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3 Tips on Treating Dog Allergies

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Before you go treating dog allergies, you need to identify first what causes them in the first place.

The most common areas that are affected with dog allergies include the ears, face and paws. The common signs that the dog is suffering from allergies are chewing, biting, scratching and itching. You will see the redness in the affected areas and it gets worse from the constant scratching and licking. When the allergies are caused by allergens from the environment, it can happen after a year of age and then they get progressive. This means that it can get worse over the course of your dog’s life. In this case, it is best to have your dog see a specialist, especially when you have had trips to the vet for more than 3 times in a year.

Treating dog allergies from a specialist is a good option, but it will help alleviate their pain if you know some simple treating dog allergies methods while waiting.

After every walk you take your dog to, wipe off their paws in order to remove the allergens and getting stuck to it. You can also use a special kind of wipes that contain natural ingredients. These special wipes have allergen blockers in it.

Frequent baths also going to do the trick. Or during baths, which is highly recommended to be done once every week, should be accompanied with a medicated shampoo. They are usually prescribe by the specialist or the vet. This will help control the number of allergens that go through the dog’s skin. It will avoid drying out or irritating the skin, too.

The same way humans do, treating dog allergies are effective when you let our pup take in some antihistamines. However, you need to consult your specialist or vet in order to determine the best antihistamine and the right dosage your dog should take.

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