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3 Topical Treatment for Hives

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Hives is also known by its other name, urticaria. It is a kind of skin rash resulted from an allergic reaction from a certain allergen in the environment. It is not known what cause the hives, as they are usually a response from the body’s release of histamines. If the hives treatment is not done, then it will just appear again, even if they fade in a couple of hours later. If you don’t want your hives treatment to be done by the doctor, here are 3 natural ways you can do at your home.

Cold compress

The main symptoms associated with hives is skin irritation, so to alleviate this is to treat the affected area with a cold compress. Use a clean cotton towel and marinate it in a very cool water. Grip out the water and place it on where the hives are. Leave the cold compress for ten minutes. Repeat this process until your skin turns cool. You can use this hives treatment as many times as you want to soothe the hives away. However, you should avoid using too cold water as this can only make the hives worse in certain cases.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal can help treat irritated and itchy skin that are caused by hives. Prepare a cup of all natural, plain oats and put them in a coffee grinder or food processor. Pulse up the oatmeal until it turns into a thick powder. Place two cups of this processed oats and mix it up in a cool or warm bath. Soak in the mixture as long as you want.

Pineapple compress

Last, of the hives treatment is making a pineapple compress. Bromelain is one of the enzymes you can find in pineapples known to reduce the hives’ swelling. All you need to do is crush the pineapple, canned or fresh and place it on the cotton towel. Place the towel over affected area.

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