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4 causes of dog skin rash

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A dog skin rash can be a terrible thing to look at. Your dog may appear to be discoloured because of a rash. Not to mention a rash is also pretty uncomfortable for a dog. A rash can cause a dog to bite and scratch and their skin, leading them to hurt themselves. So it is important that you know what causes a dog skin rash. If you want to prevent a rash from appearing on your dog’s skin, then you can do so if you know what causes it. Here are a few common causes as to why your dog could get a rash.

Bites from ticks, fleas and even mosquitoes

The bites of ticks and fleas can also cause your dog to get an allergic reaction. Bites from these insects many cause a dog skin rash. This is because the mouths of these insects can carry bacteria, which could be causing the allergic reaction in your dog.

Eating the wrong kind of food

Many dogs are allergic to certain kinds of foods. You should look at the label of food to see whether or not it contains any harmful ingredients. Dog food allergies can also cause stomach pain for certain kinds of dogs as well.

Dirt and other kinds of similar allergens

Believe or not, dogs can be allergic to dirt and dust. These kinds of allergens can cause rashes when they come into contact with your dog’s skin. Other types of allergens that can be found around include pollen as well.

Coming into contact with a chemical

One common cause of a dog skin rash is chemicals. If your dog comes into contact with dishwashing soap, for example, they may get a rash. Your dog may also get an allergic reaction from perfumes and other types of harsh chemicals.

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