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4 things that cause an allergic reaction in dogs

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Dogs are pretty sensitive animals. Around 10% of dogs can get allergies. And if you are wondering what specific substances can cause an allergic reaction in dogs, there are a few common ones. If you know what these common substances are, you may be able to take better care of your dog.You can easily prevent any kind if bad allergic reaction in dogs if you simply know what kinds of substances that your dog should avoid.


Food is one of the most common causes of allergies in dogs. You should be careful about what you feed your dog. As much as possible, feed your dog a vet recommended dog food. Do not feed your dog any food for people. And try to slowly introduce new foods into their diet.


Keep your dog and home clean if you want them to be allergy free. Insects, such as ticks and fleas can cause a bad allergic reaction in dogs. And you will want to keep your animals insect free by giving them regular bathes.


Chemicals that are commonly found in soap can also cause allergic reactions in dogs. You should only use dog soap and shampoo when you are bathing your dog. And keep your chemical cleaners away from your dogs as well.


Just like people, dogs can be allergic to dust. Keeping your home clean and dust free is one way that you can keep your dog allergy free as well.

For you to found out more specific substances that your dog is allergic to, you will need the assistance of a vet. By taking your dog to a vet, you may be able to get them tested. A vet can test for the various substances that your dog is particularly sensitive to. And if you know the specific allergens of your dog, you can stop them from getting an allergic reaction.

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