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Are Dogs Prone to Allergic Reactions?

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Most dog owners do not have any ideas whether a dog is suffering from allergies or not. More so, there are quite a few allergic reactions that humans have the same signs and symptoms that a dog and cat are manifesting. An example of which is a grass pollen, if this can make one person sneeze and at the same time watering of the eyes; with that same pollen, can make a dog have itchy feet. Depending on the type and kind of allergy that your dog is exhibiting sign and symptoms such as scratching and ear infection are one of the common allergies that a dog can have. Here are the different types of dog allergies for you to have knowledge if your dog with an allergic reaction is suffering that can lead to a severe case.

  1. Atopy – this is a type of an environmental allergen that comes in contact with the skin or those that are inhaled. Its common causes are dust mites, molds and pollens. This is known to be the common allergy among dogs and cats as well. Dogs with an allergic reaction can worsen during a specific time.

Signs and symptoms:

feet are chewing, constantly licking of the groin area, face rubbing, recurrent ear infections and inflammation, wheezing and asthma like symptoms.

  1. Food allergies- this is also common to dogs who have eaten foods that are not recommended for their health. About 10 to 15% shows up a concurrent for a dog with allergic reaction with the same causes like the pollen, dust mites and molds.

Signs and symptoms:

Yeast related infections at the ear, itching and redness at the anal area, face, trunk and feet.

  1. Contact dermatitis- this is a rare case for a most dog with allergic reaction as this occurs if you have carpets laying on the floor. There are also dogs who are allergic to plastics and cleaners as well.

Signs and symptoms:

Sever itching, scratching intensely, hair loss for chronic condition and blisters all over the places of the body.

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