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Are Hives a Common Symptom of HIV?

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Hives or commonly known as Urticaria is a skin reaction that causes an elevation of histamine hormones that affects other parts of the body especially the skin. Its sizes range from smaller dots and grows bigger as well as it spreads all over the body that lasts for up to 24 hours up to 6 weeks which is an acute stage. However, if hives lasted for more than 6 weeks, this is already considered as a chronic urticaria wherein a person can be endangered. Most common factor that usually causes a person to have hives are from food, intake of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a topical ointment and a probable history of allergies.

HIV hives as a symptom.

Keep in mind that hives are not an early symptom of a person who is having HIV. Nonetheless, if rashes occur and spread widely at the upper trunk of the body is considered an HIV symptom. So, this means that rashes that usually occurs at the same time can be related to other cause of infection such as swollen gums, night sweats, muscle aches, chills and headaches. While these can be a manifestation of a person suffering from HIV, however, these can also be caused by other means of infection.

Furthermore, rashes can also be in another possible cause which is why HIV hives may or may not be a symptom of HIV. If you are having rashes and you think that you have been exposed to HIV, it would be best for you to seek out medical consult first before concluding, this is one way for you to be sure whether you are infected with HIV, or you have hives.

Basically, HIV hives, needs to be diagnosed first before a doctor can suggest treatment to either HIV and or hives.

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