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Hives – Its Causes and Symptoms

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Rash hives are a common symptom for people who are suffering from Urticaria. To better understand its terminologies, there are a few words that Urticaria is also known for as wealts and or a wheal. Factors that affect hives are the age and race. The occurrence is about 20% of the present population, and this can be present at any surface of the skin, but this usually seen at the spare palms and sole of the feet. Its classification depends on whether it is an acute or chronic condition and the number of hours to days or simply the length of the entire episode.

Characteristic of a rash hives.

It appears to be in a circular, spongy red lesion. This evolves for few minutes until it has spread all over the entire body. The affected area is surrounded with reddish rash hives. This happens when the body releases fluids that leaks out which triggers the histamine level hormones causing one person to have hives.

Why is there an itchy feeling?

Rash hives are itchy because of the fluid that leaks and is absorbed by the epidermis. Mind you, that the intensity of the itchy feeling usually varies from one person to the other. In the case of Angioedema, there is no presence of itching since this is mostly involved with swelling of the deeper tissues especially on areas that have nerve endings. So, this means that if you have an angioedema, pain can be very excruciating, depending on the affected area.

Diagnosing rash hives.

As soon as you reached a level of experiencing the chronic stage of rash hives, it is important that details should be taken such as your detailed history of allergies whether it is from food, medicines like NSAIDs, topical medications.

What are the things that are needed to be kept?

Since you have a history of any allergic reactions, it would be best for you to closely monitor what you have been eating and provide a little information as to what are you allergic of.

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