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How Do You Identify Dog Allergies?

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Have you noticed how your dog obsessively licks himself? Sometimes he keeps on biting the base of his tail or keeps on scratching? It may have something to do with allergies, but it can be difficult to discern whether their actions are related to allergies or just another health problem. What you will learn here is what to give dogs for allergies when they are identified as such.

To know what to give dogs for allergies, you need to identify these allergies first. There are 4 dominant types of allergy found in dogs – flea, food, contact and atopy. Atopy is associated with environmental allergies, wherein the body of the dog releases histamines when they are exposed to higher levels of pollen found in air, thus triggers the symptoms. The common signs of atopy allergies include biting, scratching, itching and chewing. Keep in mind that they will never go away, so it is best that you formulate what to give dogs for allergies to alleviate the discomfort that they feel every day.

After every walks, wipe off the paws of your dog to remove the allergens sticking to it after every walk. You might want to use those allergen-blocker wipes as they contain natural ingredients.

You can also use hypoallergenic shampoo. There are lots of anti-itch shampoo choices over-the-counter, but you must look for ingredients that are soothing to the skin such as evening primrose oil or aloe vera.

If you want to know a more specific product for your doggy, try out a medicated shampoo that your vet prescribes. Anti-allergy options that are medicated are usually available at your vet’s clinic. You can also ask from them help on how to control the inflammation off the skin.

Try to use supplements like omega-3s or biotin. These will also help suppress the itch. It even improves the overall health of your pooch’s coat.

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