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How Do You Know Your Dog has Skin Allergies?

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Just like how humans contract allergies from unknown sources, dogs can also get those dog skin allergy symptoms too. You may think that dogs normally scratch themselves because they are dogs, but you might not have realized that they are suffering from one of the many dog skin allergy symptoms. As normal as it looks, this is discomforting to your dogs. Try visiting your vet and tell them your dog tends to scratch a lot and lick themselves. You will be surprised that they are suffering from skin allergies.

To determine that your doggy is suffering from dog skin allergy symptoms, you will need to define which type of allergy they are experiencing.

There are 4 dominant types. These are flea allergy, contact allergy, food allergy and inhalant allergy.

Flea allergy is the most common one, which is why most pet owners just leave their dogs scratching and licking all day long thinking that it is normal or fleas are normal in them. One flea bite and your dog will start scratching nonstop. The most common indicator that fleas cause it is when they scratch and bit near the rump area right at the base of the tail. This likely happens during the warmer months.

Inhalant allergy is similar to how humans react when they inhale allergens. The most common symptom is sneezing, too. These allergens include molds, pollens, dust mites and grasses and they are absorbed through the skin or inhaled by the dogs.

Food allergy only takes up 10 percent of the allergy cases in dogs. It doesn’t develop right then and there. It will take time for the dog to show a reaction to the food they are eating, usually between one to two years.

Contact allergy is when the dog is allergic to a particular thing that he or she has come into contact with, hence the name. This is usually shown by scratching after the contact.

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