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How is Hives a Related Cause to the Thyroid

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The medical term for hives is called as Urticaria. It is found on the surface of the skin it appears to be in colors red, and pink thus is found all over the body which also includes hives on the face. Itchiness is found to last around 24 hours and can worsen if this is not immediately treated right away. For chronic cases, it is considered to be as life-threatening.

Common causes of hives can go as far as having a virus and an infection as manifested through having a fever, and another related sickness that causes a person to experience it. Urticaria is said to fade away within a few hours. However, if it lasted for more than 6 weeks, a person is then diagnosed with Chronic urticaria and unknown cases are said to be called as the idiopathic chronic hives.

Relation of hives to the thyroid gland.

There is a 10% chance that hives and thyroid are almost related. By the time a person is experiencing hives, there is an increase in the levels of anti-thyroid hormones that causes rashes or hives. Keep in mind that the allergen is present only when it is triggered by any increase of the body’s hormones and if the body is making too much release of chemicals such as the release of histamines into the body. If you are taking antibodies for your thyroid, it would be best for you to take as well supplements for your thyroid gland. This is one way of making the hives go away.

There are times that the hives and thyroid are somehow connected to each other. An example of which are those that have an autoimmune disorder, swollen joints and vitiligo.

Treatment of hives and thyroid.

To help cure hives it would be a great option for you to seek consult with a medical specialist regarding the issues. A prescribed medication is well given by your physician.

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