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How to Relieve Your Pet Dog’s Itchy Skin

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Dogs itch themselves for a lot of reasons, and oftentimes for no reason at all. It is not uncommon for them to scratch way more in the night compared than in the day, especially when the house is especially really quiet. The most common is dog allergies skin, thus you see them scratching all the time. They need to scratch in some time, which is normal. But when their scratching becomes really consistent, especially when they keep on biting, chewing, and licking that they wound themselves, then there is something wrong with your dog. They are highly likely suffering from dog allergies skin.

Before going on some dog allergies skin treatment, you have to identify first what’s causing their scratching or licking. Some cases reveal that it could be due to dry skin, especially when you live in places that have low humidity. It is easy to recognize that your dog has dry skin because the skin itself looks flaky, tough and cracked. The slightest movement or even the gentlest touch can provoke them to scratch intensely.

If it is dog allergies skin, the skin of your dog will look a bit dry and oily; greasy, or dry. They are accompanied with frequent licking, chewing or scratching. Many veterinarians in their studies see a lot of cases in allergic dogs to be allergy epidemic. The reasons for this happening is not certain. A couple of theories have been put out, which include the aggressive protocols on vaccination that dogs have recently been subjected to. Others point to feeding the dogs with processed pet foods and poor practices in breeding.

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, it can be difficult to address the allergies, too. In the worst cases, the dogs that are affected need a good treatment in order to get some good relief.

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