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How to Spot a Dog Having Allergic Reaction

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If you think that only people have allergic reactions to their environment, think again. Just like humans, pets and most especially dogs too can have them. If you are a canine owner, you would certainly want to be as informed as you can about your pet and what possible scenario you may find him in. One of this is to make sure that you are well informed about the possibility of your dog having allergic reaction.


There are some   allergens that are considered to be most common causes for some dogs to have a reaction. Among them include mold spores, pollens from weed, grass and trees, dust mites and dust, dander, ingredients that are found in food, saliva from fleas, perfumes, shampoos, cleaning products, as well as prescription drugs among others.

It is very important for dog owners to have a good idea of the signs that they have a dog having allergic reaction. This is important to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to alleviate the conditions and to prevent it from escalating it into something serious to the pet. Remember, your pet cannot tell you if he is not feeling well or not. So, it is up to you to read the signs.


Signs that you have a dog having allergic reaction include butt scooting and scratching and over-licking his paws. Watch out if he has hair loss too. If he has a bald spot or he has experienced an overall thinning, then this can be a sign as well. Watch out for sneezing, coughing, and asthma as these are common symptoms that he may be having an allergic reaction. Vomiting and diarrhea, as well as other signs of tummy trouble, should be checked as well. Lastly, you will also need to check if he has swelling manifested on his joints, face, and paws as these can be clear signs that he is having am allergic reaction.

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