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How to Treat Dog Hives Naturally

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If your dogs have hives in them, learn how to treat hives naturally by going for a more holistic manner. From the medical term known as “Urticaria”, it is the small bumps that appear on the skin of the dog. Often you can also see them on the tongue, ears and face.

There are several causes of hives in dogs, but most of the time they are triggered by certain foods, household chemical items, poisonous plants, vaccines and certain medicines. Hives develop in dogs mostly around 15 and 20 minutes after they are exposed to the allergen above. Hives are not life threatening, and the reddish bump will go on its own sooner or later. But such a condition can be annoying and discomforting to your dogs.

There are herbal remedies that you can find in your home when it comes to how to treat hives on your dogs.

First is the oats – they are soothing to the skin, not to mention they have healing effects, too. You can utilize the oat in different ways to cure dog hives. One example is by applying the oatmeal past to the areas affected by the allergies. To create the paste, cook the plain oats I water until it comes to a thick and sticky consistency. Let it cool then apply it on the dog’s skin. You can also give your dog some oatmeal baths to relieve the itch. You need 1 pound of organic oat straw plus 2 quarts water and mix both. Use this as your dog’s bathwater.

Another natural way of how to treat hives on dogs is by using green tea. Steep a few green tea bags in two cups of boiling water. Remove the bags and let it cool down. Pour it on the dog’s skin and let it dry.

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