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How to Treat Hives in Children

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Children are fragile and prone to any means of health hazards. If you happened to have children, it is important that you take good care of them. Looking after them and reminding your child to be cautious as well too. The immune system of children is still developing, that is why it needs to be boosted to keep up with the environment. Common problems that you may encounter with children are rashes. Most of these can result to hives children wherein they acquire it with the outside activities.

What are the signs and symptoms of hives children?

Swelling- if you see that your child has to swell on the face, do not take this for granted as swelling can be a fatal allergy. It can cause vasoconstriction which will lead to any clots if not treated.

The difficulty of breathing- this is another sign that you need to look out for, as anything that causes airway obstruction can lead to mortality. Keep in mind that hives children should be monitored.

Dizziness or fainting- if your child is experiencing an altered CNS symptom, make sure that you are providing safety. Keep in mind that anything can happen if a child has hives.

Bee sting- if your child had a bee sting history, this can develop hives children. This can be fatal if there is a recurrence of an allergy.

What to do?

Immediate intervention should be provided right away to keep any further complications such as;

Calling a doctor immediately- home treatment is not your option as anything can happen to the child. Seek directly medical consult as an emergency case.

  •     Proper medications- one way of treating hives in children is administering an antihistamine medication only if it is      indicated.
  •     Removing of allergens- by washing the body with soap and water and apply clean clothes to relieve any       discomfort.
  •     Treating the itch- the usual prescription is a hydrocortisone or a calamine lotion to relieve itching, a cool bath for at  least 10 minutes and putting an ice pack on areas that are itchy.

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