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How to Treat Hives on Back

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Hives are known to be uncomfortable. They are usually characterized by the presence of those red welts on the skin that can be quite itchy. While there are people that suffer from hives on the back for a few weeks only, there are people that have to experience it for more than a few years. Knowing how to deal with the problem is key towards alleviating the discomfort that it brings.

When dealing with hives on the back, the best way to go about it is to prevent it from happening. It helps a lot when one is aware of the likely triggers that may cause the breakouts to appear. There are people that end up breaking out due to food triggers while there are some that do so after taking medications. Some people experience it due to physical stimuli, and there are others that get the reaction from pollen or pet dander. There are also those that get the response due to viral and bacterial infections.

It helps to take your medications too. If you have already seen a doctor concerning your hives on the back, then you will likely have been prescribed with something that you need to take the moment the welts start to manifest, taking the right medications at the right dosage is key towards minimizing the degree of the reaction.  


It helps to find ways to soothe your afflicted skin. While it is going to be very tempting to start scratching the area where the welts have broken out, don’t. What you can do instead is to soothe the skin, cool it to fee relief. Applying anti-inflammatory cream or medication is a good idea. It does not hurt to position yourself in front of a fan, and there are also people that swear by how effective cold compress is.

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