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How to Treat Symptoms of Dog Allergies

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It is common knowledge that most people are dog lovers. But when you are suffering from the symptoms of dog allergies, you will have a difficult time trying to spend your bonding time together with your dog. Sometimes, people deny that their allergies are caused by being exposed to their dogs. Here are some of the common symptoms of dog allergies when you have one:

  • Reddish, itchy eyes
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny, stuffy and itchy nose

Some people have skin symptoms instead of the ones mentioned above. In such cases, their skin breaks out when their dogs lick them. Others get more severe allergies that may develop into hives on the chest or face. People who have pet allergies and asthma can have the most serious symptoms.


The causes of symptoms of dog allergies depend on the source. Many people will say a specific breed of dog or the length of hair that the dog has. However, even two dogs from the same species can deliver different degrees of allergen, and it also depends on the person getting into contact or close with the dog.

The problem is not the fur or the hair of the dog. The dander is what most people are allergic to, which is the flakes of the dog’s dead skin. It also includes urine and saliva, too. No matter how short or long the hair is, any dog can cause people to break out into an allergic reaction.

When the symptoms of dog allergies get worse, your doctor will test you for dog allergies so that they can prescribe you the right medicine to alleviate it. Keep in mind that there is no cure for allergies since most cases they are genetically inherited from one generation to the next. All you can do is lessen the chances it triggers by following the instruction of the doctor.

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