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My Dog Has Rashes. What Should I Do?

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My dog has a rash. Will I be in trouble?” It all depends on the kind of skin problems that your dog is currently at. However, it is best that you treat your dog first before you treat yourself so that the rash won’t be going back over and over again. First, you need to identify the symptoms and allergies causing you to think about “my dog has a rash.” Always keep in mind that the rashes showing on your dog are similar to how it appears on the human skin.

The reason why you thought “My dog has rash” could lie in one of the following reasons:

  • It can get itchy and very obnoxious
  • You are not sure why it is even there in the first place
  • It can be cured easily as long as the right treatment is done

First of all, you need to take a closer look at the part where you see the rashes. Does it flakey, reddish or slightly swollen? Has your pet dog have been scratching or nibbling it using his teeth? Did the rashes pop up in the last couple of hours and that there are no other symptoms that appeared along with it? If most of these questions are answered with yes, it is indeed rashes.

There are different causes of dog skin rash which include bacteria, parasites, allergies to dog food, environmental allergies and atopy. It could also be due to drugs as well.

You can try natural treatments as there are certain dog rashes that can affect the human skin. One of them is coconut oil, which treats extreme dry skin and even alleviates the itchiness. Use this coconut oil one time per week. Massage it on affected areas and leave it one for around 6 hours. If the dog still looks and feels greasy after that, shampoo him with a mild dish soap to remove the excess oil. If it has already soaked into the skin, use a baby shampoo instead.

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