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Signs and Symptoms of Hives in Horses and its Treatment

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Welts on the skin can be very visible, and this can cause for many reasons and one of which is the hives in horses. This is a skin condition wherein it is considered to be a health hazard and completely affects and abrupt the daily living of one person. This also known as Urticaria and it is characterized by swelling at a certain area and drastically spread all throughout the body leaving with a localized edema. The result of the swelling is due to a clear leak fluid from the blood vessel out to the tissue spaces just right below the surface of the skin.

Now, with the condition of hives in horses is somewhat similar human hives. In most cases, it is caused by allergy reactions, and it is affected by different types of allergic reactions such as food, ingestion of NSAIDs medication, ointments or topical medication and seasonal time change like pollens and molds.

Physical occurrence.

It is most often visible to the neck and shoulder, but it is usually found all over the body thus including the legs. Mind you; this can be fatal to horses especially if it progresses and it can eventually impair the ability of the horse to breathe.

Itching- this is a common behavior for hives in horses. A noticeable rubbing of various areas of the body towards a fence to relieve itchiness. Furthermore, if the itching is not treated this can eventually cause to injury.

Diagnostic test and treatment.

Since it is easy to determine that hives in horses are common. However, knowing the cause of it the hives is difficult to attest. Therefore, looking at its history, for example, has the horse been treated with any topical ointments, have you tried changing your fly spray, the type of food and the new bedding? These can be factors of causing a horse to have hives. Treatment is of course to eliminate the causes and if in case it worsens a fast-acting corticosteroid and this is only given by a veterinary doctor.

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