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Things To Remember When Dealing With Cold Hives

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There are times when a person has a reaction cold. As a result, he develops a skin reaction to it. Called cold hives or cold urticaria, it is a condition where the skin that has been in contact with cold will develop itchy and reddish welts or hives.

While the condition in itself is not a serious one, the severity can significantly vary. There are some people that will only have a minor reaction when their skin is exposed to the cold, while there are those that may have major symptoms as a result.

There are some instances when the condition might manifest. But one of the most common causes of the condition is swimming in water that can be frigid and cold. It is often in these instances when some people develop a systemic reaction or a reaction that is displayed by the whole body. It is instances like these that people need to be watchful for as this can lead to some people having very low blood pressure. If it worsens, it can even lead to shock, fainting, and in some cases, death.


It should be noted that cold hives are a condition that is most commonly occurring among young adults. In many cases, it is a condition that can clear up after a few years. It is always best though that people who think that they have this condition should see a doctor. Proper consultation and assessment are essential to ensure that they are dealing with the condition the right way and to avoid unnecessary triggers in the process.

There are various treatments proposed to address the condition, but in most cases, it would mean taking antihistamines. Avoiding cold water and the cold air are good things to follow as well if you want to be sure that you can avoid the frequent occurrence of cold hives.

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