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What are some common dog allergy symptoms?

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Dog allergies are a reality, and unfortunately, they are way more common than you may think. Many dogs can have allergies, and it is important that as a responsible pet owner that you be aware of the signs of these allergies. And dog allergies are not that easy to spot because many of these allergies are not very apparent to the human observer. However, there are a few common dog allergy symptoms that you should be aware of. Being aware of these dog allergy symptoms can make it easier for you to spot when and how your dog is getting an allergic reaction.

A common type of dog allergy symptoms is rash and hives. Various discolorations, swelling and rashes can appear on your dog’s skin. And because most dog breeds have medium to long hair, it can be tough to spot these kinds of symptoms. You will have to get up close and personal with your dog if you want to check to see if they have these kinds of symptoms. There can also be swelling in the facial area of the dog. So try to check to see if they have any skin problem, this could be the sign of an allergic reaction to something.

Some other kinds of dog allergy symptoms include nasal or liquid discharge. Fluid may be leaking out of the nose, ears or eyes of the dog. And this can be a bad sign because this type of symptom usually signals a severe allergic reaction. You will want to take your dog to the vet if they have this kind of symptom. Another symptom to watch out for is itchiness. An itchy feeling dog will chew and lick more, so try to watch out for excessive licking and chewing of various body parts by dogs.

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