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What are the Best Dog Allergy Remedies?

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If you are looking for an ultimate cure for dog allergies, the sad part about this is that there is none in existence. However, there are dog allergy remedies that you can use so as to alleviate your dog’s suffering from the effects of allergies.

The first natural dog allergy remedies that you should do is by avoiding the allergens that cause them. The common allergens include pollens, molds, grasses and mites. It can be quite a challenge to eliminate these allergens since they are a natural part of the environment. One of the many techniques for dog allergy remedies is to use air filters, dust the window using a damp cloth and keeping the windows closed. When you use a damp cloth, wash it with a scent free detergent and rinse it twice. For bedding, choose cotton. As with the sofa, use cotton rather than the wool fabric. Keep your dog on a linoleum or tile instead of the carpet. Rinse the floors with soap after you mop them. Your dogs or any of your pets must never be kept inside laundry rooms, garages, dusty barns or damp basements.

How about natural dog allergy remedies? One of them is the use of omega 3 fatty acids. Giving your dog this supplement will decrease the dog’s tendency of its immune system to get too sensitive when meeting with one of these allergens. You must be patient as giving your pet omega 3 fatty acids take around 3 to 6 weeks to fully incorporate itself into the body’s cells and ease the symptoms of the allergies.

Have you heard of Yucca? This is a natural anti-inflammatory that aids the immune system to function normally. It will also help solve the symptoms of allergy without giving side effects that are commonly found among steroids. For allergies, Yucca should be provided to your dog daily.

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