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What are the General Allergic Dog Symptoms

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Dogs also show signs of a decrease in the immune system just like any human beings. When a certain substance struck the health of a dog, its usual response is to have allergic reactions. Even most of these allergic reactions are common; this should not be neglected because it can cause a fatal health hazard to your dog. Keep in mind that allergens are a great problem to your dog and most especially to you. For you to know some allergic to dog’s symptoms, here are the following general causes and symptoms to be discussed.
1. Inflammation to nasal passage– this includes a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, cough, frequent awakening, itchy nose, throat and mouth and a post nasal drip. Most of these are causes of an upper respiratory infection that need to be addressed to prevent you from experiencing further allergic to dog symptoms.
2. Asthma – this is another allergic to dog symptom that can lead to a fatal experience especially if not treated. This can be triggered by shortness of breath, the difficulty in breathing, chest pain or chest tightness, audible sounds of wheezing that may hear as whistling upon exhalation, there is a sleep disturbance that includes coughing as well.
3. Skin symptom – if you happened to have skin dermatitis, this may be a result that your immune system is at its lowest stage. This is caused by itchy skin, eczema, red patches of the skin or simply called as hives.
By the time, you are experiencing allergic to dog symptoms; you must consult treatment immediately from a specialist that will help you alleviate what you are experiencing. Indeed, having an allergy is very critical in a sense that you have to be treated right away. Further medications are provided for you to feel relieved.

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