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What are the Most Common Allergic Reactions?

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Have you heard of the words angioedema and hives? These two words are linked together when people talk about the most common allergic reaction hives on humans. There are also for dogs, too, but you will learn here more about the former.

Allergic reaction hives are mostly harmless, but they are very itchy and can get in the way in completing your normal tasks such as washing clothes, going to work, etc. Most of the time, people seek the doctor to find what these allergic reaction hives are and how to deal with them.

The human body releases histamine when the immune system identifies common allergens as dangerous to the body. These can be chemicals found in foods, sunlight, medicines and insect stings. Histamine often makes the blood plasma leak into the skin vessels, thus causing angioedema or hives. Often, doctors do not know what’s causing hives or how exactly they are formed.

There are different types of allergic reaction hives. One is the acute urticaria. These are swelling or hives that last not more than six weeks. The common causes of this type are infections, latex, medicines and food. A certain disease or insect bites may also be the one responsible for it.

Chronic urticaria is an allergy that goes beyond six weeks. The cause can be quite difficult to find compared to the acute cases. The causes may be similar to those of the acute type, but can also be found in hormonal disorders, tumors, chronic infections and the immune system.

The physical urticaria is a type that is caused by the physical simulation of the skin like sunlight, heat, cold, pressure, vibration, exercise and sweating. They happen mostly right where the skin is affected by those above and will rarely happen anywhere else. Most of the time it appears within one hour after being exposed.

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