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What are the Most Common Pet Allergy Symptoms?

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If you feel like your eyes starts to water, you keep on sneezing, your nose runs and even wheeze after you are playing or petting your cat or dog, you are likely suffering from pet allergy symptoms. Pet allergies play a big role in the constant appearance of symptoms associated with it. It can also happen even if your pet is not around, especially when you are exposed to different environments such as at home, school, work or any other indoor places.

Below are some of the most common pet allergy symptoms:

  • Tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath
  • Stuffy or a runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • You feel pain from your face due to nasal congestion
  • Hives or skin rashes
  • Itchy, watery and reddish eyes

Some of the ways that you can manage the pet allergy symptoms include:

  • You might want to ask your doctor for allergy shots. Also referred to as immunotherapy, your doctor can prescribe to you the right shots so that it can alleviate the symptoms. Most likely you will never feel the symptoms depending on the kind of shots you got
  • Nasal sprays, bronchodilators and antihistamines also work to alleviate the symptoms. However, you must also work this out with your doctor as there are antihistamines that are not allowed to certain patients, like those with hypertension.
  • Avoid going near cats and dogs. This can be quite a dilemma for those who love to pet their dogs or cats. If this is you, at least take the necessary steps that will limit your exposure to

There are certain people that are only allergic to cats and others only to dogs. Some can be allergic to both. The symptoms between the two vary, and only your doctor can help you alleviate those symptoms by telling them the common signs that you feel after you pet either your cat or dog.

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