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What are the Symptoms that you are Allergic to Dogs?

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Having any allergies is something that you do not want to have. It is stressful and at the same time annoying. A common behavior that you will notice is an acute respiratory infection wherein you will experience constant sneezing and headache. For those people who loves to have a dog and may be allergic, here are ways for you to know whether you have symptoms of being allergic to dogs or not.

Symptoms of a dog allergy.

As mentioned, nasal allergy is one of the major causes of a dog allergy. This also includes the following;

  1. Coughing that can complicate to wheezing- one of the upper respiratory symptom that you might have a dog allergy is coughing. If this persists, it can be fatal as wheezing is considered to be a life risk.
  2. Itchy eyes- constant itching of the eyes that results to redness is not a normal If you think you have other caused of infection, keep in mind that you’ll need to have it checked right away by a family doctor to assist you in the treatment. Further exposure to dogs can lead you to an eye infection as well.
  3. Nasal infection- this includes runny, stuffy and itchy nose. This can be very annoying and also may cause you nasal irritation such as scarring of the nostrils.
  4. Sneezing – as mentioned, this is one of the common behavior of a person having allergy reactions.
  5. Skin infections- there are also people who manifest signs and symptoms of being allergic to dogs that causes skin infection that you may experience. For example, a dog may have licked you’re a part of your skin, and you immediately have a skin break out.
  6. Hives- due to an increased level of hormones, symptoms of being allergic to dogs may show off through the appearance of hives.

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