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What are the Treatment Options for Hives in Dogs?

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While it is normal for dogs to scratch themselves, it usually indicate that they are suffering from a symptoms of allergies. Hives do not choose a specific dog breed. Even pitbull hives have one, too.

There are various causes to pitbull hives or hives affecting dogs in general. Here are a some of them:

  • Chemical reaction, mainly from insecticides that are used in treating grass
  • Insect bites or stings, especially with spiders and bees.
  • Vaccines, mainly from the injection from Bordetella or rabies
  • Food allergies
  • Plants, like oak or poison ivy
  • Almost any allergen known to man and that one that are hypersensitive to these that can cause them to break out into hives.

Like humans, pitbull hives are treated with the right dose of antihistamines, like steroid or Benadryl, but this depends on the reaction’s severity. It is not common for hives to relieve on its own, especially when the allergen has moved out from the body. However, according to experts that this can take between one to three days to completely clear out from the body. They advise using a cold or a towel that is soaked in iced water in order to sooth the skin of the dog. This will help them feel better and alleviate their excessive scratching.

For those that just witnessed the pitbull hives breaking out, experts recommend that you take your dogs straight to the vet right away. Failure to treat those hives can lead them to a more serious effect when the allergy reactions progress further into different parts of the body. Parents of pets will need to deal with such hives before they can learn how to deal them at home. This all depends when their dog has already been exposed to the same type of allergen twice and already got instructions from the vet on what to do.

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