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What Causes Dog Eye Allergies?

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You’d be wondering right now whether or not there are dog eye allergies. The most common form of allergy that is known to dogs is the skin allergy, and it will affect the eyes, too. When eyes of the dog go red and watery, coupled with skin rashes or hives. It can also get into the surrounding skin of the eyes, too. What makes it dangerous when it gets to the eyes of your pooch is when it affects their vision, making it more uncomfortable to them. They may not look like it, but you can tell that they keep on scratching their eyes or even blink a lot.

To know the cause of the dog eye allergies, you need to identify the type or allergens, which is the source of its effects. There are three different types, which are ingested, inhaled or contact. Allergens that are contacted or inhaled through the skin is referred to as atopy. Ingested allergies are the effect of food taken in and have made a reaction to the body. Common causes of inhalation allergens are pollens, dust mites and molds. When your dog is allergic to pollen from the tree, they will obviously feel the effects of the symptoms for long, and it can get worse during spring. Dust mites can even cause more problems during winter, particularly during the times when you spend more time indoors with the heat switched on. Allergies caused either by ragwort or rapeseed can grow problematic during autumn.

Contact allergies are usually caused by almost anything that gets into contact with the skin.

Food allergies are mostly what dog owners would blame when their pets are feeling the symptoms of dog allergies, but this only covers ten percent of the overall allergy symptoms that dog feels. The most common symptom of food allergies is when the dog has diarrhea after eating a certain food.

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