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What is the Treatment for Hives?

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If you see any pale red and swollen bumps on your skin, especially when they just appear all of a sudden, then you have hives. It is the result of the reaction of the body to certain allergens. Sometimes it can’t be explained why it happened in the first place. Below are some of the best treatments for hives, so you won’t have to get worried or paranoid about its appearance.

The first thing you need to do with treatment for hives is by identifying its trigger and remove it. Keep in mind that this is no easy task. Usually, your doctor will prescribe antihistamines so that you will feel relieved of its symptoms. They work best if they are taken regularly or according to the instructions of the physician so as to prevent the hives from coming back.

Treatment for hives, particularly if it is chronic, can be treated by antihistamines as well or it can be combined with other medications. Oral corticosteroids are prescribed when antihistamines do not work. Another prescribed drug called omalizumab is provided as treatment for hives that are chronic in nature. But the patient must be over 12 years of age.

For patients with severe hive outbreak, an epinephrine injection or cortisone medication may be prescribed to you.

Managing hives

The treatment of hives mentioned above is not going to go away immediately. While waiting for the swelling and bumps to disappear, apply some cool compresses on the affected areas. You can also use wet cloths and press lightly on the red bumps, too. When you sleep or work, make sure you are inside a cool room. As with your clothes, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes. This will prevent the hives and swell from getting infected.

When you think of treatment for hives, you need to tell your doctor about it when you feel dizziness; difficulty breathing; wheezing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue or tightness in the chest.

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