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Which Foods Dogs Should Never Eat?

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Have you ever heard from your friend that owns a dog telling you to avoid letting your dog eat chocolate? It could be one of the things asked about by man dog owners on what are dogs allergic to. But is it only chocolate?

If you see your dog itching crazily and always shaking their head, it is a sign that they have a food allergy. Most dogs do go through various allergies, and ten percent of such cases cover the food allergies. Some dogs can also get affected by food intolerance, which is not the same as a food allergy.

The common signs that dogs’ allergy is due to food can be gastrointestinal issues, ear inflammation, chronic gas, chronic diarrhea, itchy rear end or that constant licking to their feet.

What are dogs allergic to can be varied, and as stated above, only ten percent is related or triggered by food. Experts say that it is mostly genetic problems. When it is triggered, it is through exposure to what are dogs allergic to. The most common things that dogs are allergic to are dairy, beef, egg, wheat, lamb, egg, rabbit, fish, pork and soy. Most dogs are not only allergic to those above. There could be more.

The causes of such allergies are derived from multiple factors, but the main trigger is the genetic predisposition that leads to the development of allergies. The environment can also be one of the factors, too.

There has been a lot of research conducted right now to define what affects the dog from getting these allergies as early as puppyhood. The immune system is highly likely to show that kind of trait. There is an education process regarding this immune system on how the allergies are triggered, especially during the first few weeks when the pup is born.

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